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Poor ROI

Choosing an Amazon PPC agency can be a substantial financial commitment, and identifying the ideal partner is consistently a daunting task.

  • Large Team
  • Multiple Offerings
  • Potential Communication Challenges
  • Unrealistic Goal Setting
  • High-Cost Retainers


Weak Structure

Many Amazon PPC tools fall short in providing customized strategies for individual products, resulting in poor results and hindering overall success.

  • Automated System
  • Affordable option
  • Poor Strategy
  • Excessive Campaigns
  • Inconsistent Bid Settings
  • Zero Consulting

FBA Hustler

Just Right!

Drawing on my expertise in Amazon agencies and launching B2C brands, I present my Amazon PPC Agency with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • Fair pricing Structure
  • Transparent Communication
  • Bespoke Amazon Seller Consulting Strategies
  • 99% Customer Retention
  • 8-Hour Sleep

Dominate All Advert Placements

Make the most of every available ad type and placement to optimize your Total Return on Ad Spend (TROAS). Brands that incorporate various ad types typically experience a more robust TROAS.

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Sponsored Products

Recognized as the most popular and impactful ad campaign type for improving organic rankings.

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Sponsored Brands

These ads play a crucial role in boosting brand visibility and securing a prominent position in search results.

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Sponsored Display

Enhance your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and strategically target relevant competitors and audiences through Sponsored Display.


Amazon advertising is an auction system where sellers create ad campaigns, select keywords, and get charge a bid amount based on the auction. Ads appear in search results based on bid ammounts, and sellers pay when customers click. Ongoing monitoring and optimization are crucial for maximizing campaign effectiveness and return on investment.

The cost of Amazon PPC agencies varies widely, with management fees typically ranging from 10% to 20% of the total ad spend. Some agencies may also charge a flat monthly fee or offer customized pricing based on the services provided.

Consider calculating your Amazon PPC agency fee as part of your TACoS to determine if you’re fee is fair, and reasonable.

Look for agencies with experience in your industry and a track record of successful partners. Additionally, consider agencies that offer transparent pricing, clear communication, and a tailored approach to meet your specific business goals.

Deciding between hiring an Amazon PPC agency or building an in-house team depends on factors such as budget, expertise, and scalability. If you prefer flexibility, specialized knowledge, and cost-effectiveness, hiring an agency may be suitable. Conversely, building an in-house team offers direct control, but it requires more investment in recruitment, training, and ongoing management. Consider your business needs and resources to make the best decision.

Yes! there’s still opportunity on Amazon if sellers/brands due their due diligence in terms of product research, and looking to launch products better than the competition in terms of quality. Then, brands must have the advertising expertise and capital to scale established and new products alike.


Hitting $250K Monthly in 12 Months

We drove a health and wellness nutrition brand to notable achievements on Amazon. Commencing in late 2021 with a product possessing a modest Average Order Value (AOV) and lacking reviews in a highly competitive category. Presently, the product has garnered more than 22,000 reviews and consistently achieves approximately $250,000 in monthly revenue.

Here’s what the brand owner said:

From struggling and losing money from agency to another, we’re finally managing our account on the biggest marketplace more efficiently, and growing 17% year over year thanks for FBA Hustler.

Working with a Sr. Amazon PPC manager directly have shifted the tide, and helped us reach and surpass our goals! David.

Client testimony Amazon PPC Manager


The increasing costs associated with selling on Amazon result from various factors, mirroring the dynamic nature of e-commerce and heightened competition within the platform. The following outlines these factors:

  1. Elevated Competition: The influx of sellers on Amazon intensifies the competition for customer attention, leading to higher advertising costs. Sellers often engage in competitive bidding for prominent ad placements to ensure visibility for their products.
  2. Rising PPC Costs: Amazon’s Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising has become more costly as the platform becomes more saturated. Increased demand for ad space raises the cost per click, driven by competition for effective keywords and optimal ad placements.
  3. Fulfillment and Shipping Expenses: Amazon’s fulfillment fees, including those for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), are on the rise. These fees, covering storage, packing, and shipping, adjust to global increases in shipping and labor costs.
  4. Storage Fees and Long-Term Costs: Amazon charges sellers for warehouse storage, with potential increases, particularly for items with extended storage durations. This disproportionately affects sellers with substantial inventories or slower-moving products.
  5. Marketplace Fees: Amazon imposes a commission on each sale, varying by product category, typically around a 15% referral fee, which has remained relatively stable compared to FBA fees.
  6. Regulatory Compliance and Taxes: Evolving tax laws and heightened regulatory requirements, particularly in international markets, can impose additional costs on sellers striving to comply with these regulations.
  7. Brand Development and Marketing Expenses: In the increasingly competitive Amazon marketplace, sellers must invest more in brand development and external marketing to distinguish themselves, contributing to overall costs.

To manage these growing expenses, sellers must adopt a strategic approach to pricing, inventory management, and marketing. Efficient cost management and staying informed about Amazon’s evolving policies and fee structures are essential for sustaining profitability.

For further insights into Amazon selling costs, schedule your FREE consultation today.



The first page of Amazon’s search attracts 80% of the platform’s traffic, with the top 3 organically positioned products securing 60% of the conversions.

Emphasizing the importance of prioritizing TACoS (Total Advertising Cost of Sales) over conventional ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sales) is critical for optimal product ranking. TACoS offers a holistic perspective by assessing overall sales—incorporating both organic and advertisement-driven sales—in relation to advertising efforts. This TACoS-focused approach enhances understanding of your Amazon overall performance and the effectiveness of ad expenditure.

TACoS serves as a pivotal tool for improving profitability and acts as a benchmark for evaluating advertising efficiency and overall business expansion. It assists Amazon sellers in making strategic decisions regarding key performance indicators (KPIs) like Lifetime Value (LTV), Subscribe & Save (Recurring Charge Rate, RCR), and more.

Recognizing that each product requires a unique PPC approach, we develop a TACoS-centered strategy tailored to your overarching business goals. Our aim is to optimize your campaigns for not only immediate sales but also improved organic rankings, thereby reducing TACoS and increasing profitability.

Conventional PPC methods can often lead to a detrimental cycle of excessive bidding, overspending, and underperformance, particularly in the face of rising Cost Per Click (CPC). Our approach, rooted in manual, data-driven tactics, seeks to disrupt this cycle.

We provide bidding strategies that not only curtail unnecessary ad expenses but also enhance your product’s ranking on Amazon.

Our Process
Initial Audit

Our first step involves a comprehensive review, where we examine your Amazon product listings, Best Seller Rankings (BSRs), sales figures, competition, and provide insights into your product category and brand’s visibility on Amazon.

Ads/Sales Audit

Following the initial evaluation, we proceed with a detailed audit of your actual sales and advertising data on Amazon, covering the past 12 months. This includes a thorough examination of both your advertising and business reports.


With the insights gained from these audits, we are equipped to make informed, data-driven decisions. We then create a forecast to meet your sales and advertising objectives, marking the beginning of your brand’s growth journey.

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