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Poor ROI

While opting for an Amazon consultant company or agency to handle your Amazon marketing can be a significant investment, it’s always a challenge finding the right partner.

  • Large Team
  • Multiple Offerings
  • Potential Communication Challenges
  • Unrealistic Goal Setting
  • High-Cost Retainers


Weak Structure

Amazon PPC tools often miss the mark in offering tailored strategies for each product, leading to suboptimal results and stunted growth.

  • Automated System
  • Affordable option
  • Lack of Customized Strategy
  • Overwhelming Number of Campaigns
  • Inconsistent Bid Settings
  • No Amazon Consulting

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Just Right!

Leveraging my experience in Amazon agencies and B2C brand launching, I offer you my Amazon consultancy services with 100% happiness guarantee.

  • Fair pricing Structure
  • Transparent Communication
  • Bespoke Amazon Seller Consulting Strategies
  • 99% Customer Retention
  • 8-Hour Sleep

Leveraging All Amazon Ad Campaign Types

Utilize every ad type and placement offered to maximize your Total Return on Ad Spend (TROAS). Brands that use multiple ad types tend to see a healthier TROAS.

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Renowned as the most popular and impactful type of ad campaign to organic rankings.

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These ads are key to enhancing brand visibility and securing a top position in search results.

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An Amazon consultant is a professional who specializes in assisting businesses to succeed on the Amazon platform. They offer expertise in various areas like Amazon advertising, SEO, product listing optimization, and overall sales strategy.

Amazon consultants typically work with sellers to understand their goals on Amazon, identify opportunities, and develop tailored strategies for success.

Amazon consultants typically charge hourly rates that range from $50 to $500 or a monthly retainer based on the services provided.

Amazon consulting fees vary significantly based on several factors including their expertise, and the range of services required. From full service to just Amazon advertising management, the cost will vary seller’s needs.

The perfect Amazon consultant is someone who’s expert at Amazon advertising. Reason being is that Amazon advertising is the most important tool to market your product, and protect your brand’s marketshare.

Moreover, understanding conversion rate optimization and the tools available to first and third party sellers is crucial for a successful brand on Amazon.

Undoubtedly, Brand Analytics! It’s the one tool I find indispensable. Monitoring both click share and conversion share for each search term is crucial for assessing market-share status. This allows for informed decision-making based on the data Amazon provides. Along with basket analysis data, search query performance, brand analytics is one of the most important tools on vendor and seller central.

Selling on Amazon offers significant access to a global customer base and benefits from Amazon’s credibility and logistical support through Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). However, it also presents challenges like intense competition, substantial fees, frequent policy changes, limited brand control, and a high dependence on a single platform.


Achieving $250K Monthly in 12 Months

Our expertise propelled a health and wellness nutrition brand to remarkable success on Amazon. Beginning in late 2021 with a product of low Average Order Value (AOV) and no reviews in a fiercely competitive category, we transformed its market presence. Now, the product has amassed over 22,000 reviews and consistently generates around $250,000 in monthly sales.

Here’s what the brand owner said:

From struggling and losing money from agency to another, we’re finally managing our account on the biggest marketplace more efficiently, and growing 17% year over year thanks for FBA Hustler.

Working with a Sr. Amazon PPC manager directly have shifted the tide, and helped us reach and surpass our goals! David.

Client testimony Amazon PPC Manager


The rising costs of selling on Amazon can be attributed to several factors, reflecting the evolving landscape of e-commerce and the increasing competition within the marketplace. Here’s an overview of these factors:

  1. Increased Competition: As more sellers enter the Amazon marketplace, competition for customer attention intensifies. This competition often leads to higher advertising costs, as sellers bid for prime ad placements to ensure visibility for their products.
  2. Higher Advertising Costs (Pay-Per-Click or PPC): Amazon’s PPC advertising has become more expensive. As the platform grows more crowded, the cost per click for ads increases. This is due to a higher demand for advertising space, driving up the price as sellers compete for the most effective keywords and ad placements.
  3. Fulfillment and Shipping Expenses: Amazon’s fulfillment fees, including those for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), have been on the rise. These fees cover the costs of storage, packing, and shipping products to customers. As shipping and labor costs increase globally, these fees are adjusted accordingly.
  4. Storage Fees and Long-Term Storage Costs: Amazon charges sellers for storage space in its warehouses, and these fees can increase, especially for items that have long storage durations. This can significantly impact sellers with large inventories or slow-moving products.
  5. Marketplace Fees: Amazon charges a commission on each sale, which varies depending on the product category. This usually a 15% referral fee and haven’t changed much compraed to FBA fees.
  6. Regulatory Compliance and Taxes: Changes in tax laws and increased regulatory requirements, especially in different international markets, can lead to additional costs for sellers who need to comply with these regulations.
  7. Brand Development and Marketing Costs: As the Amazon marketplace becomes more competitive, sellers need to invest more in brand development and external marketing efforts to stand out, which adds to their overall costs.

To navigate these rising costs, sellers need to be strategic in their pricing, inventory management, and marketing efforts. Efficient cost management and staying informed about Amazon’s changing policies and fee structures are crucial for maintaining profitability.

To learn more about Amazon selling costs, book your FREE consult today.

unleash organic growth on amazon


The first page of Amazon search results captures 80% of the platform’s traffic, with the top 3 organically ranked products attracting 60% of the conversion.

This highlights the significance of prioritizing TACoS (Total Advertising Cost of Sale) over traditional ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale) for optimal product ranking. TACoS provides a comprehensive perspective by evaluating your overall sales—encompassing both organic and advertisement-driven sales—in relation to your advertising efforts. This focus on TACoS enables a deeper understanding of your Amazon venture’s overall performance and the efficacy of your ad spend.

TACoS is instrumental in enhancing profitability and serves as a benchmark for gauging advertising efficiency and overall business growth. It also aids Amazon merchants in making more strategic choices regarding key performance indicators (KPIs) such as Lifetime Value (LTV), Subscribe & Save (Recurring Charge Rate, RCR), among others.

Understanding that each product demands a unique approach to PPC, we craft a TACoS-centered strategy tailored to your overarching business objectives. Our goal is to refine your campaigns to drive not only immediate sales but also to improve organic rankings, thereby lowering TACoS and increase profitability.

Traditional PPC tactics can often result in a vicious cycle of excessive bidding, overspending, and underperformance, especially in a scenario of rising Cost Per Click (CPC). Our approach, grounded in manual, data-driven tactics, aims to disrupt this cycle. We offer bidding strategies that not only cut down on needless ad expenditure but also elevate your product’s ranking on Amazon.

Our Process
Initial Audit

Our first step involves a comprehensive review, where we examine your Amazon product listings, Best Seller Rankings (BSRs), sales figures, competition, and provide insights into your product category and brand’s visibility on Amazon.

Ads/Sales Audit

Following the initial evaluation, we proceed with a detailed audit of your actual sales and advertising data on Amazon, covering the past 12 months. This includes a thorough examination of both your advertising and business reports.


With the insights gained from these audits, we are equipped to make informed, data-driven decisions. We then create a forecast to meet your sales and advertising objectives, marking the beginning of your brand’s growth journey.

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