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Hiring an ad agency to manage your Amazon marketing can be costly. Though, can be beneficial if your ad agency is not overcharging, and meeting your growth goals. Hard to find but worth looking.

  • Team of experts
  • Full Services Options
  • Exorbitant Pricing (% of Ad-Sales, Ad-spend Or Total Sales)
  • Communication Gaps
  • Unrealistic Goals


Lack Strategy

Most Amazon PPC automation tools lack the custom strategy needed for every product. Thus, PPC tools can actually cause more harm than good if utilized for an extended period of time (slow growth if any).

  • Set It and Forget it
  • no custom Strategy
  • Poor campaign creation
  • thousands of campaigns
  • multiple ad-groups
  • arbitrary bid settings

FBA Hustler

Just Right!

We offer tailored PPC solutions to every product as no two SKUs are the same. Want to increase your rankings, total sales & maximize profitibility, then no one matches FBA Hustler skillset.

  • Fair pricing (No % of Anything)
  • Honest Communication
  • Custom Strategy, and excecution
  • Forecasting
  • Great sleep schedule

Amazon PPC Management in 2024

Navigating the landscape of Amazon PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to costs. The advertising model is intricate, filled with variables that make it difficult to pin down exactly how much you should be spending.

Whether you’re launching a new product or trying to maintain the sales momentum of an established one, understanding the costs associated with Amazon PPC is crucial for the financial well-being of your FBA business.

One of the most notable shifts has been the rising cost of Cost Per Click (CPC) in Amazon advertising. What used to be a straightforward, affordable advertising model has become a financial puzzle that many sellers struggle to solve. Add to this the plethora of PPC service providers promising the moon but delivering less than optimal results, and you have a recipe for stress and diminished profits. But don’t worry—that’s where we come in.

There’s no escaping it: CPC costs are on the upswing due to increased competition and market saturation. As more sellers enter the platform and vie for visibility, advertising costs naturally inflate. While you can’t control the market, you can control how you respond. The question isn’t just how much you spend on Amazon PPC, but how much return do you have on your ad-spend.

Don’t leave your Amazon PPC management to chance. Leverage our expertise to cut through the complexities and boost your profitability.

Take advantage of all campaign types & ad placements available. Brands leveraging multiple ad-types experience a healthier TROAS.

Sponsored Products Image 1 1
Sponsored Products

Most utilized, and effective ad-campaign type. SP are the back-bone of Amazon advertising, and rankings.

Sponsored Brands Image 1 1 1
Sponsored Brands

Build brand awareness, and win Top of Search with SB ads. Even better, using a

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Sponsored Display

Increase ROAS, and target your relevant competitors and audiences via sponsored display.

Sponsored TV Amazon
Sponsored TV

Sponsored TV can assist in reaching boosting awareness on streaming platforms such as Freevee, Twitch…etc.

Demand Side Platform Amazon

Demand Side Platform allows you to engage with audiences on and off of amazon. Suited for large brands in particular.


Amazon advertising is an auction system where sellers bid on targets (keywords, ASINs, audiences) and the seller with the highest bid is served the higher placement for that target.

Optimizing Amazon PPC campaigns is all about optimizing the relevance of the the keywords, the placements, budgets, and bids.

It’s a not a one-size fits all given that each product is at a different phase of maturity, and optimizations are done based on a collective set of data.

CPCs are high in some categories but not others given the competition of that sub-category.

In the consumable goods for example (skin care, supplements, nutrition…), CPCs can reach and surpass the retail cost of the item itself, and many brands pay that much given the lifetime customer value generated from that first new-to-brand purchase.

So large brands are willing to lose money today, because they’re going to make their dollars back via repeat purchasers.

Again! not a one-size fits all but if a product is established, you want to spend just enough to maintain market-share.

If the goal is profitability, then we leverage ad-spend to protect current market-share and if the goal is to become a market leader, then we go as aggressive as possible to gain higher grounds organically, and steal market-share from close competitors.

Brand Analytics! this is the only tool that I can’t live without. Tracking click share, and conversion share per search term is to key to identify market-share status, and what actions to take based on that data provided by Amazon.

Amazon is getting saturated, and CPCs are increasing YoY due to the competitiveness of the channel. As a result, brands are now having to pay double, and triple for the same keywords they used to years ago just to maintain their relevance, and rankings.

However, Amazon FBA is still a great opportunity for small to large brands, especially if you due your due diligence, and conduct product research, and execute PPC properly.


FROM 0 TO $250k In 12 Months

We helped this health and wellness brand in the nutrition space, launching a low AOV item on Amazon late 2021, with zero reviews – in high competitive category. Today, it boasts 22,000 reviews and generates approximately $250,000 in revenue every month, outranking close competitors by 3x in sales velocity.

Here’s what the brand owner said:

From struggling and losing money from agency to another, we’re finally managing our account on the biggest marketplace more efficiently, and growing 17% year over year thanks for FBA Hustler.

Working with a Sr. Amazon PPC manager directly have shifted the tide, and helped us reach and surpass our goals! David.

Client testimony Amazon PPC Manager

Turbocharge your amazon rankings


80% of Amazon traffic happens on the first page. 60% of that traffic goes to the top 3 organic ranking products.

That’s why adopt TACoS over ACoS is important to ensuree the higheest ranking possible. This metric takes a holistic view, considering your total sales—both organic and ad-driven—in relation to your advertising spend. By focusing on TACoS, you’re better equipped to understand the overall health of your Amazon business, and how efficient your advertising dollars.

It allows you to maximize profitability and acts as a gage for advertising efficiency, and topline growth. It also helps Amazon sellers make better informed strategical decision to when it comes KPIS like LTV, Subscribe & Save (RCR), and others.

Each product is unique, and so should be its PPC strategy. We create a TACoS-focused plan that aligns with your broader business goals. We optimize your campaigns to not just drive immediate sales but also bolster organic rankings, contributing to better TACoS, and profits.

Conventional PPC strategies often lead to a cycle of overbidding, overspending, and underperforming—particularly in a climate of rising CPCs. Our manual data-driven approach is designed to break that cycle. We provide you with the bidding strategies that not only reduce unnecessary ad spend but also position you for higher product rank.

Ready to shift your focus and prioritize the proper KPIs on Amazon? Fill the contact form.

Our Process
Initial Audit

The initial audit is a report where we take a look at your Amazon catalogue, BSRs, sales, competitors, and share insights into your category, and brand presence on Amazon.

Ads/Sales Audit

After the initial audit, we then conduct an actual sales/ads audit where we look at your actual Amazon data for the past 12 months, both advertising, and business reports.


After all of the learnings we take from the audits conducted, we’re able to make data-driven decision, and buildout a forecast to hit sales and advertising goals. The start of your brands’s growth.

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Data Driven

PPC Execution







Why settle for an Amazon PPC provider that charges you more and gives you less.

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