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On Amazon FBA

Unleash the potential of your Amazon business with this groundbreaking book. Written based on 7 years of experience and from managing ads for more than 100 brands from small to 8 figure Amazon household names.

Learn how to prioritize TACoS over ACoS and transform your advertising strategy to scale your sales like never before.

Advertising Basics

Learn the basics of Amazon advertising and why TACoS is the lead KPI. Learn the concept of TACoS as a KPI.


Utilize how to optimize your keywords, and other targets based on TACoS not ACoS.

Organic Sales

Factor in the organic revenue generated and how you can increase organic rankings via TACoS.


Learn how to interpet ACoS from TACoS and when to utilize each one. However, TACoS will always take the lead.


Measure your profitibility on Amazon with the help of TACoS. And help increase profits.

DOPE Formula

Learn the strategies that 8 figure sellers follow, and how to launch the right products fitting for Amazon.

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TACoS Over ACoS - Your Roadmap to Amazon Advertising Strategy

Secret Sauce

To Master Amazon Advertising

$199 *one time payment

  • Based on 7 Years of Amazon Advertising Success
  • 30+ Pages of raw Amazon advertising strategy
  • Real life examples of advertising scenarios
  • Guaranteed to lower TACoS & maximize profits
  • 60-day money back guarantee–no questions asked.

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Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Understanding TACoS and Its Calculation

Chapter 3: The ACoS Quagmire: Extracting Wisdom from ACoS and the Hazard of Its Sole Reliance

Chapter 4: TACoS Unveiled: Revealing Insights and Strategies Beyond ACoS’s Reach

Chapter 5: What’s the ideal TACoS On Amazon?

Chapter 6: Strategies for Optimizing TACoS?

Chapter 7: Campaign Creation In A Nutshell

Chapter 8: The DOPE Formula: The Secret Sauce of Selling On Amazon FBA

Common Questions

This book is primarily for Amazon sellers who wish to understand and implement effective advertising strategy using the TACoS metric to drive sales, increase organic rankings and profitability.

This book is the culmination of eight years of dedication, hard work, and experience in the world of Amazon advertising. And based on my experience managing ads for more than 100 clients over the years in different categories.

Absolutely! This book has been designed to serve both novices and experienced sellers. It’s especially useful for new sellers who’re new to Amazon advertising, and FBA as it can help them read the data better, and make better strategies to grow their brand.

“TACoS Over ACoS – Your Roadmap to Amazon Advertising Strategy” covers various strategies related to Amazon advertising. This includes understanding and using TACoS as a more effective KPI than ACoS, optimizing your ads, scaling sales while maximizing profitability, and much more.

Yes, the book includes real-life examples and case studies that offer a practical perspective on the application of the strategies discussed. This will allow readers to better understand how these strategies work in a real-world setting.

60-Day Full Refund, Guaranteed

I’m confident this book will make you money! whether that’s saved ad-spend, better advertising strategy, and overall success. If not, we’ll give you a full refund on your purchase no questions asked.